Dec 23, 2014

​Finding Space

Finding Space explores the need to identify your truest passion, not only so you can lead a fulfilling life, but also to find and maintain your own individuality in a time when thinking differently isn't always a good thing.

Oct 15, 2014

The Wilderness Within

Many photographers describe a connection to nature to promote their photography, but demonstrate this using formulaic compositions of already-seen places. Finding our wilderness within is how we can avoid making this mistake.

Jul 10, 2014

eBook Review: Digital Fine Art Printing by Robert Rodriguez Jr.

Digital Fine Art Printing by Robert Rodriguez Jr. is an eBook for photographers who are interested in print-making. Robert was kind enough to provide a review copy, and this blog post shares my impressions of his work (spoiler alert - it's a very good resource for any photographer who wants to break into the exciting world of digital printmaking).

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